The evolution of the iPhone (from iPhone 2G to iPhone 6)

The iPhone has been around since 2007, having made such an impact on the phone scene and causing brands like Nokia and BlackBerry to stutter. Amidst the recent launch of the iPhone 6 and the ever long queue and waiting period in Malaysia for an iPhone, insurance company Protect Your Bubble decided to take a look back at the evolution of the iPhone 1, beginning from the first model, the iPhone 2G, all the way to the latest iPhone.

It is very easy to say that Apple’s iPhone dominates the market. But when the iPhone was first launched in 2007, it had to overcome the juggernauts of Nokia, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Even then, the engineers from Nokia didn’t think that the iPhone would succeed, as it failed Nokia’s drop test. 2

The iPhone 6 has grown up now, and it is interesting to see how it compares to the various other iterations of the iPhone. Every model of the iPhone shown on Protect your Bubble has been crafted using only pure CSS, without any images included. Check out the GIF file below to see the various subtle changes that the iPhone has gone through in the evolution of the iPhone.

The Evolution of the iPhone
The Evolution of the iPhone


If you are looking for the interactive site of the Protect Your Bubble insurance company, whereby the original CSS files were made and compiled into the GIF, check out the link below, on the image


Which is your favourite iPhone design? Or do you feel that the iPhone 6 looks the best? Send us your comments below.


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