Earn Money With TechGarage

It is already December 2014 now. Time really does pass by really fast huh? On our side, we’ve been busy working and improving TechGarage. Many minor and major updates were done to the site, while not noticeable to the public eye, have taken up much time and resources. But at the end of the day, we’re proud to announce the following below

  1. Our daily unique visitors has gone up 1000% since December 2013. We are now ten times more popular than before.
  2. While we had a good website back in 2011,  we have a better site now.
  3. You are now able to partner with us and earn money with TechGarage
Refer a friend and get paid while doing so 🙂

The Affiliate Plan : Earn Money With TechGarage

It has been awhile, but partnering with our readers has always been part of our plan. However, finding the right platform to do so was tough. We went through a few platforms before settling.

With our previous version, which enabled readers like yourself, to earn via referring a friend via email. And your friend would get a coupon code, which would help him/her to purchase from our store. However, it didn’t have things like lifetime commission nor tiered earnings. Compared to that, we now do, and we are excited to announce it!

Why Affiliate Program?

I guess I’ll write more about this on our Affiliate Sign Up page, but to prep you, affiliate marketing is a way for you to earn passive income. All by just referring your friends to buy items from our store. If you run a blog and are looking for something beyond just Google Adsense, helping us sell will also benefit you.

If you are a student or a stay-at-home mom and have a blog, all the more will it be great for you. You just need to promote and we’ll do the fulfilment of the order. At the end of the day, you’ll get paid!

Ways To Earn Money With TechGarage

  1. Lifetime commission – If you have a friend, Sally, who clicks on the banner your site and buys from us, all her future purchases under the same username, will be attributed to you. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, which pays you one-off, our system is able to continue rewarding you for all Sally’s new purchases.
  2. Tiered Earnings – If you sell more, you’ll earn more. Just like earning commissions from selling a product, our Affiliate program will reward you more, the more you sell.
  3. Recurring Referrals – We do not have a need for this yet, but if you sign up as an affiliate for a product that sells monthly to let’s say, Sally’s company, you will continue to earn recurring referrals as long as the company keeps purchasing from us.
  4. Coupon Codes – This is not yet ready for our current system, but in the near future, the people who are referred by you will get a coupon code for purchases, depending on the category of products they are buying.
As TechGarage grows, your earning potential increases. Earn good, passive income with our products 🙂

Earn Money With TechGarage : Going Commission

Currently, we’re still considering the best rates for commission, knowing that margins are thin for some items. While some of our competitors are going at 1%, we hope to give you more than that for some products, making it worth your time to promote us. As of now, successful referrals for power banks will be at RM 10 each. You’ll get a paid once you reach out payout point.

Check out the link below to find out more about TechGarage’s Affiliate Program

[button link=”https://techgarage.my/affiliate-area/”]More Details[/button]


Earn Money With TechGarage : Conclusion

Affiliate marketing can be the most rewarding thing for you. Especially if you run a website and would love some side income. Our lifetime commissions and tiered earnings will continue to reward bloggers who refer their friends over. On our side, we strive to be the best blogshop around and to bring in products you can refer your friends to. Do sign up and have our banner on your site!

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