Chargebee WooCommerce extension might be released soon

Here is a TechGarage exclusive. Chargebee might be coming to WooCommerce soon! What’s the big deal about it? Chargebee is the leading subscription engine worldwide, so much so that it is far more advanced than WooCommerce’s very own Subscription extension, which is available at USD 199, with a yearly recurring fee of 50% the original price.

If you were considering starting your very own subscription business, it would make more sense to wait upon Chargebee’s very own native integration with WooCommerce.

What is the big deal about the proposed Chargebee WooCommerce extension?

With the upcoming Chargebee WooCommerce extension, you would be able to sell your customers things like as monthly membership for clothes, classes, rent and the likes. There is no limit when it comes to subscription based business. And the best thing is, your loyal customers will keep returning for more, unlike one off purchases that we do on TechGarage.

It would make a lot of sense for Chargebee to release an upcoming Chargebee WooCommerce extension, considering that WooCommerce has now grown into the most used commerce system worldwide, and sits on second place for the World’s top one million websites. 1 WooCommerce boasts a very modular system, while staying away from the SAAS model that their competitor, Shopify has gone.

It has however, outgrown Shopify and is set to continue rising in popularity, according to the latest report from Google Trends. 2 Building a WooCommerce based extension would increase business for both WooCommerce and Chargebee, while giving WooCommerce’s customers their very first 3rd party subscription engine, something Shopify already have, in terms of Chargify and Recurly. Both Chargify and Recurly are pricier as compared to Chargebee though.

We are keeping our fingers crossed on this, and would update you immediately once ChargeBee finally releases their extension. Sign us up on your feeds to get more news on time!

There is a video on ChargeBee below.



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