ChargeAll : The Power Bank with a Wall Outlet

If you have been looking for a power bank with a wall outlet for charging your gears, look no further to ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet. ChargeAll, which is newly released power bank (or better known as external battery pack in other parts of the world) comes with a standard 120V wall outlet, alongside the more standard USB option.

chargeall 2

Whether you need a power bank for your smart phone or for your laptop at a busy Airport, Restaurant or on the go, ChargeAll have you taken care of. The Power Bank with a Wall Outlet comes in two editions. While the smaller version comes in at 4″ by 6″ by 1″, the larger version is 5.25″ by 7.5″ by 1″. They are 12,000mAh and 18,000mAh respectively.

Which of these ChargeAll Power bank is suitable for you?

If you just need a power bank, perhaps the 12,000mAh would suffice. However, if you are a road warrior or would need to charge multiple devices or even your laptop, then the 18,000mAh version would suit you better. We would need to calculate power loss when it comes down to calculating how many times we could charge a laptop with the power bank. As such, if we are to take an efficiency rate of 70% for the ChargeAll Power Bank, then the 18,000mAh version would have only 12,600mAh effective charge.

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