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Photography is about the art of of creating images. Ever since the 19th century, photography has been mainstream, as inventors kept making it easier for us all to take photos. Even now, with the improving iPhoneography and increasing megapixels, the question would be, what’s the best gears for me to take the photos I want? Because of that, we here at TechGarage will write and bring you the latest on Malaysian and International camera news, launches, reviews and opinions.

Also, you will find things like the best accessories and which camera shops to buy them from in Malaysia.

Pentax K-3 announced

There have been gossips and even studies that Pentax K-3 would have been a full-frame camera. And today, the company has gone official about the rumours and announced the launch of the new Pentax K-3. The Pentax K-3 is a…

Advantages of a Sony QX10 or QX100 lens

Recently Sony Corporation launched the Sony QX 10 and the QX 100 lenses. Both comes with different lengths and zoom, but both essentially revolutionary, but will they be dedicated camera replacements? Check out as we evaluate them.

Custom SLR M-Plate: Genius Innovation

There are some camera straps that are offered out there which gives you the flexibility of some swivel action, easy glide about for a quick shoot that tags to your tripod mount. There is the regular system such as plates…