Astro Beware : Netflix Singapore To Be Launched Soon

Netflix which recently launched in Japan, will soon launch in multiple countries, including the one next to us. If you had guessed Netflix Singapore, you have hit the jackpot. With Netflix Singapore, cable TV operators here in Malaysia better be prepared for cable cutting measures.

Why so? With a raging inflation and a currency sinking faster than a coin in the ocean, consumers would be keen to switch to a cheaper alternative. What more when the alternative doesn’t charge you RM 10 per movie played on demand. Plus, the alternative to Astro Malaysia, enables you to watch only when you are free. Or binge. Or just watch however you like it.

Do you still need a DNS changer, even though we will have Netflix Singapore?

Of course. Unless you do not want to watch the 14,000 titles that Netflix has. While you may have two to three thousand titles on Netflix Singapore, a service like, will help you find movies and TV series not found in your country.

And you can then easily switch using UnoTelly’s Dynamo.

Should you still stick with Astro Malaysia?

Unless you can’t let go of your Wah Loi Toi, ESPN and news, Netflix will beat your Astro package hands down. Even more so, as they are simultaneously expanding to Hong Kong. This would make Hong Kong movies and TV series a huge possibility.

And if you could switch to Netflix Hong Kong and back via UnoTelly, wouldn’t that be a great move?

With ESPN considering letting customers subscribe to their services via devices like the Apple TV, the future looks bleak for Astro TV Malaysia.


Having said all that, we hope Netflix Malaysia will be launched soon with perhaps Malaysian pricing (and not based on the USD).

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