Why An Unlimited Call Plan Can Be a Lifesaver

We live in interesting times. Never before has Malaysia seen so many unlimited call plans at an affordable price and a great amount of data available to the masses. Should you get a postpaid unlimited call plan? Would it make sense for you? What is the best postpaid unlimited call plan for me? Read more after the break as we here at TechGarage seek to help you answer your questions.

PostPaid Unlimited Call Plans : The Introduction

Choosing an unlimited call plan can be confusing with all the options and the constantly changing plans by our Malaysian telcos. Just when you thought you have found the best plan, the plan gets discontinued while a new plan replaces it. So what are the best plans for you?

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If you are at that phase in life where you are searching for a better postpaid plan, check out our meticulously updated article about Best Postpaid Plans in Malaysia. The article is updated every few months to ensure it remains relevant to us all. We even tell you the difference between the current postpaid plans and the previous ones offered by our Malaysian Telcos.

Having said that, ever since our local telecommunications companies (telco for short) started introducing their postpaid unlimited call plans, we here at TechGarage started observing intently. That’s because the initial set of unlimited postpaid call plans in Malaysia were kinda sucky in terms of data, data renewal and coverage. Plus, they were pricey.

But if you were a salesperson or ran a business that needed to call quite a fair bit, perhaps the unlimited call plans would have helped though expensive. After all, without that old, expensive but fixed price call plans, you probably would spend even more on your phone calls.

I remember seeing bills of RM 210-240 monthly when I ran my distribution business. Phone calls were expensive, but even more so was the cost to travel to other states and meet my clients. Things like toll, hotel and even traveling were a pain when you run a distribution business. That was why I called so much. And that’s why I would have jumped for the postpaid unlimited call plans. Except that I didn’t do anymore distribution business.

Why an unlimited call plan?

If you do a research on our neighbouring country, Singapore, postpaid unlimited call plans are really pricey. Somewhere around the region of SGD 250 the last we checked. Perhaps they were concerned that the pasar malam fellas went around talking loudly and really long on their mobile phones.

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But our postpaid plans have come a long way. With 7GB of data and unlimited talk time for DiGi and U Mobile, or 5GB of data and unlimited talk time for Celcom (plus easier data top up and better coverage), we are spoilt for choices.

So, who should get an unlimited postpaid call plan?

We think that everyone should. Even with fact that you could use WeChat or WhatsApp as a walkie talkie, nothing beats a normal phone conversation. (And that loses to face to face time at the mamak shop). With an assortment of postpaid plans that offer unlimited calls at a low price, you can be sure that these plans might not be around forever.

But if you find yourself longing to call your loved ones, your customers or just plain improve your MLM or insurance business, phone calls rather than WhatsApp messages are the way to go. Sending a miss call or a WhatsApp call might be viewed as cheap, and that is a bad impression you might want to stay away from.

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