5 Reasons You Should Not Buy An iPhone

The iPhone is an iconic object, the dream of tech geeks and the reason of some scandals in China. It is something everybody seems to be carrying and if you don’t have one, you might seem out of place. But should you buy an iPhone? Or why should you not buy an iPhone? And does buying an iPhone pay off in the long run?

Read on as we explore this topic on our favourite tech device, together after the break.

Don’t Buy An iPhone : An Introduction

Ever since the days of Nokia and BlackBerry hegemony, the world has appreciated the iPhone due to its ease of use and its integration with the Apple AppStore. But the iPhone always polarised people. For some, the Android that came in various shapes and sizes was a greater deal. For others though, buying an iPhone is a must, as their friends and family members already own a copy each. (Yea we know. It’s about keeping up with the Wongs, Alis and Muthus out there)

Ever since we started focusing on tech gadgets (and the iPhone in particular), I’ve noticed that well, there are a lot of wrong reasons why people get an iPhone. So yes, here’s an article on why you should not buy an iPhone.

iPhone vs Android
Not true, but.. 🙂

1) Don’t Buy An iPhone : If you don’t use Apps

The main difference between an iPhone and some Android phone out there (which are dime a dozen), is the quality and quantity of apps out there. In plain, having used an Android for years while having a few iPads, I immediately appreciated the quality of apps that the iOS system has. And no, I’m not talking about your WhatsApp, Facebook nor Instagram apps, but quality apps that makes a difference.

However, if you don’t like spending on apps (and prefer spending on everything else), or just plain don’t like exploring the AppStore (which is why we are here), then perhaps the iPhone isn’t for you.

Why get an iPhone if all you are doing is just scheduling an appointment, replying an instant message or just posting up something social. In our article on the things the iPhone can do, we listed out some amazing ideas you might want to use your iPhone for.

2) Don’t Buy An iPhone : If you are on a budget

The iPhone isn’t a cheap investment, especially if you are on a budget or have difficulties paying off your credit card bills. If paying RM 2,500 to RM 3,000 every two years for an iPhone is expensive, perhaps consider an alternative.

Chinese brands like the Xiaomi Redmi 2 or the Oppo R7 go for a fraction of the iPhone with most of its capabilities might be what you need. On the flipside, the Xiaomi and the Oppo smartphones (and all other major phone brands for the matter) are on the Android OS.

3) Don’t Buy An iPhone : If you have bought one recently

While it is nice to get the latest iPhone the moment it is released, iPhones generally last two to three generations. As such, unless you need the latest features, it might be wise to hold off for a generation or two before buying a new, shiny iPhone. Think austerity measures with the currently tanking economy.

Having said that, the upcoming iPhone 7 might see an incremental jump in features compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.  If the prediction comes to pass, then perhaps upgrading to the latest model would be a great idea.

4) Don’t Buy An iPhone : If you don’t mind dealing with bad security

While buying an iPhone is an expensive affair, having your phone hacked is an even worse affair.1 With a lack of updates within a short period of time, the ability to sideload apps and a weak PlayStore vetting process, Android phones are much more prone to being hacked.

In comparison, the iPhone is much more secure and harder to hack into. Sometimes, the only way to hack an iPhone is either to leave it jailbroken, or to tether it to a laptop (which then breaks the security of the phone).

5) Don’t Buy An iPhone : If you want more control over your phone

Do you get bored easily with your phone interface? Or perhaps you prefer to have a certain app on your launch screen. Or replace your phone battery when you run out of power instead of charging it with a clunky power bank.

Over the years, one argument I hear and will not rebut, is the fact that Android phones are just much more customizable. While the iPhone comes in a fixed shape and two different sizes every year (oops, three now!), the Android comes with a gamut of sizes and configurations.

It is like the pretty girl next door, who might be a bit boring for some people versus the street-wise girl down the street with mix-parentage and perhaps a gift for languages. Both attractive, but very different propositions.


iphone happiness

I hope our article helps you understand the reason you are purchasing an iPhone. While you can still get an iPhone without fully utilizing it, it will like using quality blue cheese on some roadside burger stall. Not bad, but what a waste.


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