Mirrorless vs DSLR : 10 Reasons To Ditch The DSLR

If you have been considering a switch from your DSLR to mirrorless but yet have not due to worries if the mirrorless could fulfil your needs, you are not alone. After all, most of the time we hear about whether Nikon or Canon is better, but not much on the differences between mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

However, from our experience, there has been a number of Pro Photographers who shifted to mirrorless and the number has been increasing in the recent few months. Photographers themselves are becoming more curious towards the benefits of mirrorless cameras to their everyday workflow. Jason Lanier, a professional photographer himself, ditched his Nikon full frame DSLR for the Sony mirrorless camera, which is a testament to Sony Camera’s growing appeal to photographers.

The Sony mirrorless, by Phoblographer.com

Ditch the DSLR : Reasons to do so

Among the points Jason brought up, what struck us is that Jason mentioned that the Sony A7s is able to do the things a Nikon D800 does for one third the price. Plus it is lighter too. Among the other reasons are the native high ISO of the Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras, the speed of the cameras, compatible memory cards with all other Sony Alpha cameras in the series, EVF and WiFi connectivity and our favourite, focus peaking.

In short, the question would be, why aren’t Canon and Nikon including these features into their lower end cameras? Also, why not invest in building a competitive mirrorless system?

Here is the video of Jason and his 10 reasons to ditching Nikon for Sony.

Ditch the DSLR : Should you?

While Sony’s lens offerings are limited, Sony has made great strides even as their mirrorless competitors, Fuji and Olympus improved. In fact, for most photographers, baring certain genre of photography, would exchange their DSLRs for mirrorless.

If you are planning to invest into photography, perhaps it is better to invest into an existing mirrorless system, as Canon and Nikon are planning a second round of renewed mirrorless offerings. What was previously oversimplified, in order not to cannibalise their DSLR market, the big two have realised that without investing in building a proper mirrorless system, DSLR sales will continue to suffer.1

This is happening even amidst rising mirrorless sales. 2 In short, the industry is not doing well, though mirrorless cameras does seem to have a better future compared to DSLR cameras. As such, instead of buying a camera from a haemorrhaging manufacturer like Canon or Nikon, perhaps your first camera should be an Olympus or Sony mirrorless.


Ditch the DSLR : The Conclusion

Canon and Nikon has much work to do. With professional photographers like Jason and others moving over to mirrorless, they need to avoid doing too little, too late.


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