Five Car Gadgets You Should Get

If you drive a car, you would realise the importance of car gadgets that would ultimately improve your ride, whether it is an old rattler or a brand new beauty sitting in your porch. We here at TechGarage would like to help you maximise your car’s potential by pointing out five car gadgets you should get for your car in Malaysia.

Car Gadgets You Should Get : USB  Car Charger

Anker Power Drive

If you spend a reasonable amount of time in the car, you will have experienced your smart phone running out of battery halfway through the journey. And even worse, you are not very sure of the way and have been using Waze to help you on your journey there. And with the smart phone running out of juice, you are suddenly lost.

USB Car Chargers should be something of a priority when you have a car, as it enables you to not only recharge your devices, but ensures you don’t run out of battery at critical moments

Car Gadgets You Should Get : GPS

While many have said that the days of GPS units are on the wane following the emergence of apps like Google Maps and Waze, there are times where a GPS is indispensable. Compared to apps, GPS units do not consume data while driving, while providing a dedicated outlet for your directions.

Sure enough, you can download offline maps on your smart phone, but it will take up precious storage space, while being an inconvenience if you suddenly receive a call while driving. The newer models of SatNav (aka. GPS / Global Positioning Service units) also integrate stuff like dash cam, while being much more durable than a normal smart phone. Top of the range Garmin models even come with collision detection and then rewinds and saves the clip, which helps much.

Car Gadgets You Should Get : Dash Cam

Garmin Dash Cam

Dash Cam, or the longer form of it, the dashboard mounted camera, is a crucial devices in cars and other types of vehicles nowadays. It is meant to record moments just before a crash or if there are any disputes on dangerous driving by the other party or what not.

While you may have a dash cams bundled with the top of the range Garmin models, you can also consider getting stand alone dash cams if you already have an existing GPS units or if you do not intend to fork out that much for the premium Garmin models and prefer to make-do with a lower end model instead.

While dash cams have not seen much popularity in Malaysia yet, it is a growing market with the number of road accidents we have.1 According to a recent report, Malaysia is the third most dangerous country in terms of road fatalities per 10,000 in Asia, after Thailand and Mongolia.

As for myself, there were times I felt that having a dash cam would be crucial in view of dangerous driving that we experience daily on our way back from work or dinner or on the way to the office. With speeding cars, daredevil lane splitting motorcyclists and drivers that do not respect the sign boards and rules, I personally had a few close shaves that the dash cam would have helped.

Car Gadgets You Should Get : Car Jump Starter

Car Jump Starters are an expensive and bulky proposition. That is until charging specialists like Anker and Yoobao release their miniature car jump starter and power bank versions. With a much smaller footprint compared to conventional car jump starters and the ability to charge devices like a conventional power bank, you can easily store them in your glovebox or even better, in your bag.

Anker Car Jump Starter 1

Car jump starters are devices that you don’t think about until you need it urgently. If you have experienced your car battery failure in some dark and secluded spot in the middle of the night, or just some secluded parking, you would wish you had this item.

Why wait till you are in such situations? Get yourself protected with an Anker or Yoobao Car Jump Starter today!

Car Gadgets You Should Get : Car Bluetooth Receiver

Anker Car Bluetooth ReceiverIf you are like me and have some non-bluetooth head unit, instead of spending RM 300 plus for a brand new head unit, perhaps buying a car bluetooth receiver would help to make your non-bluetooth mp3 player into a bluetooth one, with the ability to stream music via Spotify and calls as well. This would immediately upgrade your head unit to have the latest capabilities out there.

With the current economy, saving money via the car bluetooth receiver might be a great choice for your older car.

Conclusion : Best Car Gadgets You Should Get

Like yourself, I used to think that the best car gadgets would be found in some car accessories specialist like Brothers and the likes. However, after becoming a retailer of gadgets, I found that car accessories specialists might not have what you need on an everyday basis.

Rather, for your car gadgets, get them from people who love tech, breath tech and talk tech. Perhaps someone like TechGarage. Do let us know your thoughts on other car gadgets that you use and recommend 🙂


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