Fashion Photography In The Streets

Natural-born talent is what befits Scott Schuman, someone who has popularised fashion photography.

Scott Schuman spends his days searching for a story to tell. Mostly fashion stories. Writer and editor of one of the most renown blogs – one of which happens to be my personal favourite, The Sartorialist, Schuman is one of the pioneers of the blog fashion photography industry. Remarkable photographers such as he defines and takes fashion to a whole new level.

“The real joy of what I do is having those 4 to 5 hours to go out and just to be in the world that you are in. See it. Keep your eyes open and really relate to what you’re seeing. React to what you’re seeing”

Schuman really takes his time to produce every single amazing artwork with his camera. He essentially want to create a 2-way dialogue between the world of fashion and the daily life. His works echoes what fashion designers themselves see on the street.  I like how he described photographers should ideally be like chefs – throw them any 5 ingredients and a stick of butter and they can plate you something beautiful. Schuman was not made a photographer, but out of his passion for fashion, he has found his way to combine art with what he likes. In the conventional manner of fashion, models are required to look a certain standard so that they may highlight the assets clung onto them. What Schuman has done is taking that out and bringing fashion to life – whereby the human touch is not lost.

Street photographer does not necessarily always mean you gotta be quick and fast in seizing every moment. Some moments can be created through your lens. And if there was one thing that Schuman taught me, it would be to wait. Wait for the right picture. And you actually have the freedom to dictate what is right.


Written by Rachel Tan

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