Camera Bags Guide to DSLR Camera Users

Looking for a camera bag? Chances are you’ve already bought a camera bag somewhere but have found out that you need something more or that it might not fulfill your needs. But look no further! We’re here to help you on your purchase of camera bags.

First and foremost, what kind of bags are you looking for? And what is the purpose of that camera bag? Will it be a bag you carry around with just 1 camera body and 1 lens and perhaps your iPad? Or would it be a bag that you lug around your 70-200 f2.8 lens and have multiple flashes and a few Pocketwizards and stands around?

Or are you shooting a fashion show and need to carry more stuff but cannot seem to find the relevant camera bag for your needs?

Not all camera bags created equal

Indeed. For us guys it might be harder to understand, as we tend to prefer having 1 or 2 camera bags and not having to shift things around, but ask any lady and she’ll tell you she has many bags, and in some cases, different colored bags for to suit different dresses!

The Wedding/Event Photographer

If you’re a wedding or event photographer, chances are you might need to carry at least a 70-200mm telephoto with your walkabout and your prime or your ultra-wide angle lens to cover those tight shots and not miss a moment. Chances are you might need to work around some strobist techniques and would need a few flashes, triggers and stands. Also, you might need to carry an extra body to save time on changing the lens and just in case something happens to your current DSLR.

And chances are all the gear gets too heavy for you to lug around in a backpack. Thus the need for a roller bag. For now we’re checking out the following brands

Brands with notable roller camera bags

1) Kata -

2) Think Tank Photo,

3) Lowepro –

4) Manfrotto –

While all 4 comes with rollers, ThinkTankPhoto slight edges out the competition with being the first to offer IATA approved roller camera bags via their Airport Series, but the other brands has caught up and began releasing their very own roller bag series. Lowepro updated their line with the very nice Pro Roller X series, with the x100 and x200 camera bags being airline carry-on size.

Manfrotto’s Pro VII Roller is also a carry-on sized roller camera bag by Manfrotto and is the classiest looking of all 4 brands reviewed. However, with most Airlines companies being more strict with their carry-on luggage weight, Kata’s Fly-By 77PL with a weight of just 3.66 to 4.175 is the best choice in order to not have to check in your camera, though with a few lenses and a DSLR, you might need some explanation at budget airlines like Airasia.


As for myself? I like the wheels on the Thinktankphoto camera bag, but I like the foams on the Kata. But don’t just take my word on it. Do drop by your nearest camera shop to try out these brands. Or you could give us a buzz if you’re keen on trying out a Manfrotto, Lowepro or Kata camera bag in Klang Valley. Though we’re not really a camera shop, we’ll be pleased to help you with your camera needs. More on backpacks in the next post on Camera Bags Guide!


Follow up : We have written a follow up in the form of How to choose Camera Bags in Malaysia. Check out the link to read further.

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