Apple’s WWDC 2014 to launch today

If you have been waiting with great anticipation for news on the iPhone 6, iWatch and updates to Apple’s line of products like us, you would be excited to know WWDC 2014 is due today, at 10am Pacific time. (About an hour plus from our time of writing.)

If you have an Apple TV, you may view the WWDC 2014 live via the Apple Events channel. Otherwise, you may stream it live via Apple’s website using Safari on OSX or iOS or QuickTime 7 on Windows.. Still, we think viewing WWDC is best done live or via Apple TV, as live streaming is always lagging in Malaysia, even if you are on Maxis Fiber or Telekom’s Unifi.

wwdc 2014
wwdc 2014

What should we look out for on WWDC 2014?

  1. iOS 8 – “Okemo”. With many design and features enhancements across the system.
  2. Healthbook – most significant. It would make your iPhone invaluable as your fitness and health buddy. After all, it will track heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and activity. Personally, I would get my parents to buy one iPhone 6 each.
  3. Maps – Apple intends to overhaul the faulty iOS 7 map app with improved mapping data, better clarity and visibility and new features.
  4. iPad Multitasking
  5. Others – With so much more in store this WWDC 2014, why don’t you just tune in and watch the event unfold live? While some would be speculation, the most important would be iPhone 6 changes (the rumoured 4.7 inch iPhone phablet) to the MacBook Air series (smaller, lighter and a 12 inch version)


Oh, by the way. If you could not get the Apple Events channel or couldn’t find the WWDC 2014 Keynote event in the channel, all it takes is a simple restart of your Apple TV. Navigate to Settings > General > Restart to prompt your device to reboot.

On our end, we are also looking for any indicators of Apple’s future plan with their recent acquisition, Beats and also any cutting edge announcements from Apple. Have a good show!

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