Apple ‘Red Friday’ sale coming on the 10th of January

If you have been waiting and saving money to buy yourself a brand new iPad or Macbook Air or perhaps to upgrade your clunky old one, you might be keen to know that Apple will be launching the Red Friday sale online across Asia this Friday, 10th of January 2014.

The Red Friday sale, which is the Asian version of the US Black Friday sale brings across modest discounts of about eight to ten percent off the original price for only a short span of 24 hours. It has been around since 2011, as far as we know. Perhaps even longer.


You may purchase via Apple’s Online Store,

Now, Apple sales don’t occur frequently in this part of the world, and with some savings on Apple hardware which could usually last much longer compared to Android or Windows based versions, you might be able to save some serious cash at the right time. Especially considering that prices of toll, petrol, property and food has been going up in the recent months.

sale comic
And no, we don’t hate girls, unlike Calvin and Hobbes :p It’s just a lame comic strip. 🙂

Do tell your friends if you know they are waiting for an Apple sale! It will be on your computers, phones and tablets this 10th of January!  🙂

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