Anker PowerCore Series Enter TechGarage

If you haven’t heard of Anker PowerCore yet, we don’t blame you as the Anker PowerCore series is the latest in the power bank series produced by Anker. Anker, the market leader for power banks in the US just introduced a new series of power banks which are lighter and yet more powerful than the previous series, the Anker E series.

Boasting a weight and size reduction factor of about 30% off the previous series, Anker PowerCore and Anker PowerCore+ have made their way to TechGarage in the recent few weeks. Read on more to find out why we are excited over the PowerCore series.

And while we had a number of enquiries for the PowerCore series, we apologise that we have only been able to bring them in recently, as the distributor for Anker did not have stocks previously.

Anker Powercore 20100 2


Should you get an Anker PowerCore?

If you already have a power bank, perhaps holding off for now might be a good idea. However, if you’ve used cheap Xiaomi power banks and are tired of constant failures, perhaps now is a good time for a PowerCore. Unlike our competitors, Anker prides itself with a 18 month warranty. This ensures your unit lasts a minimum of 18 months before it goes.

Usually, an Anker power bank lasts much longer than that. This is crucial if you are always on the go or if you need to make a critical journey.

anker powercore+ 10050

What models of PowerCore will be coming in?

We are working closely with the distributor of Anker to bring in the PowerCore and PowerCore+ models into our store. For now, we have the

  1. PowerCore 10400
  2. PowerCore 20100
  3. PowerCore+ 10050
  4. PowerCore+ 13400

More will be coming in soon!

Hold on, are your Anker power bank models original?

This is one question we regularly get. They are original indeed. Every single Anker power bank unit on TechGarage comes from the official distributor and we never open an Anker box before hand, unless requested by the distributor themselves. Otherwise, the Anker unit you are receiving from us is exactly the same as the Anker unit produced in the factory. It even smells like the factory when you open it.

Jokes aside, every Anker unit comes with a unique serial number within the box. It is sometimes on the cable, other times embossed on the back of the power bank. You can very well take the serial number and ask the customer service at on the validity of the product.

What will happen to the E series?

The E series remains popular and we still sell certain models. However, if you want the best, get yourself a PowerCore. We also sell the Astro3 series which has more ports than the PowerCore for about the same price.


I guess that’s it for today. We have more articles lined up as we work on revamping this site and having a wider selection of products this 2016.

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