Trying To Find Anker & Aukey Power Banks In A Shop? Try Online

Are you looking at where to buy Anker and/or Aukey in our local Malaysian mobile phone & accessories stores? Don’t be surprised if you can’t find it anywhere within the city of KL and Petaling Jaya. Rather, I bet you would find more power banks from brands that you can’t find much information on. This is because Aukey and Anker are not in majority of physical stores nationwide.

But why shouldn’t Anker and Aukey brands commonly found in mobile accessories stores? Read on as we explore the issue.

Aukey & Anker Can’t Be Found : An Introduction

I entered the camera accessories distribution business due to a lack of quality products within the camera stores. Back in 2007, it was common to see an Optech Pro Strap going for RM 160 (at the average of 3.4 ringgit to a US dollar). My very first camera bag, a LowePro, retailed at RM 380 in 1-Utama, while selling for only RM 180 in Singapore. Back then, I did not understand why our camera shops were so expensive.

Plus, most camera shops back then were happy to sell you a RM 270 camera bag from Winer or some other China brand. To the unsuspecting customer, buying a similar looking camera bag for RM 110 less is something to be proud of. And that’s why we did well with ThinkTankPhoto when we first brought it in.

Interestingly, I found the same problem existing within the smart phone accessories industry. Even if you were to go to a famous Apple store in Malaysia, you won’t be able to find some major brands like Incase, Anker and the upcoming Aukey.

Rather, you’ll find most shops have the same plethora of brands. Some of them looking genuinely good, but without much references online. But why is that so?

1) Aukey & Anker Can’t Be Found : Margins

Money Money Money

Having been in the retail industry for a while, I can assure you that the regular shop would rather sell you an inferior product than get a lower margin. With the margins of certain power banks sold out there at 1000% to 2000% of the cost price, some mobile phone accessories dealers get rich really fast.

The problem with quality power banks is that it costs too much while having thin margins. A typical mobile phone store owner would weigh between selling multiple Anker/Aukey power banks and selling a high margin item. This brings us to our other point

2) Aukey & Anker Can’t Be Found : Lack Of Concern For Safety & Quality

There are reasons why some car charger can be as low as RM 10, while others go for about RM 150. One of them is electronics within the charger itself.  However, a quality power bank brand like Anker and Aukey has better electronics compared to most of the ones you find in KL and other parts of Malaysia.

They have things like gauging sensors. This checks the current your device needs and then throttles it when near fully charged. They also have other security features built-in. But they cost more. And this might be a reason why dealers prefer something cheaper (but not as safe, perhaps)

3) Aukey & Anker Can’t Be Found : Customers’ Lack Of Knowledge

fake power bank
Don’t get conned. Equip yourself with the relevant knowledge about charging devices.

It is written in the Bible thousands of years ago, “Therefore my people go into exile for lack of knowledge; their honored men go hungry, and their multitude is parched with thirst.” Reading it, I feel it hold true within the tech sector.

One reason why shop owners sells you low quality power banks, is due to a lack of consumer knowledge. I recently did a survey at Digital Mall, and was surprised that some dealers were trying to sell me crappy power banks for a princely sum of RM 170.

You know, when consumers stops demanding for quality products,  the dealers blindsides you with crappy ones. That’s why we shifted to online business. After all, we want to be the site you go to when you have questions about power banks.

The Conclusion

Getting a quality charging device like power banks and wall chargers are crucial. Especially with news of people being electrocuted while using their charging phones. With Anker and Aukey, you have two of the best brands out there. However, they are not usually found in most shops due to the reasons above.

Thus, if you’re looking at where to buy Anker and Aukey in Malaysia, perhaps look for us. Or pester your local dealers to give us a ring.

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