Anker Best Price In Malaysia

If you are looking for the term, Anker Best Price in Malaysia, you have come to the right place. TechGarage is an official Anker dealer that offers you the best price in Malaysia with official Anker warranty.  Why is that so? Read on after the break as we explain further to you.

Anker Best Price Malaysia  : Introduction

When we purchase a product, especially a physical product in Malaysia via an online store, we usually seek the best price. And then we are also concerned that we might be conned, purchase a grey set or plain imitation set. So how does having the best price work together with ensuring you get covered with official warranty and also not get a copy?

Here at TechGarage, we pride ourselves with empowering people with technology. As such, we brought in some of the most compelling camera accessories back in the day where DSLRs were hot. Oh well, that’s another story. But if you remember brands like ThinkTankPhoto, you’ll remember that we don’t cut corners when it comes to our reputation.

Anker Best Price Malaysia : Why TechGarage?

For searches like Anker Best Price in Malaysia, you might find some Anker product on Lazada, and the whereabouts online. The issue about those are that they are mostly self-imported without authorisation from Anker. That results in a hassle when you need to claim the famed 18 months Anker warranty.

What happened to the 18 months Anker warranty?
What happened to the 18 months Anker warranty? Plus, they call themselves…AnkerDirect! Becareful of who and where you buy your items from.

Another danger with ultra cheap Anker products, are copycats. As Anker is famed with their charging products, purchasing a cheap, fake Anker might result in an explosion, fire, injury and in worst cases, death. Personally, I have purchased imitation products sold as original, only to find out the truth later when my Motorola Bluetooth headset suddenly failed after four months.

Rather, Anker’s prices are controlled in Malaysia. Thus, if you are buying a unit or two, you are already getting the best Anker prices in town. If you are purchasing in bulk for your friends though, drop us an email and we will get you a special price.

Over here at TechGarage, we have moved tons of Anker products through the years. You can be assured of prompt shipment, great after sales service and help when you need to claim warranty. All warranty claims for Anker through TechGarage goes through the official distributor, who then forwards it to Anker directly.

As we have just shifted to a new review system (one by WooCommerce with Google Rich Snippets embedded inside), you might not see the 50 odd reviews we have received with an average rating of 4.97 stars! We needed to change as our previous rating solution did not incorporate the necessary elements for Google to index our site properly but held us to a monthly charge of USD 399 per month for the necessary rich snippets.1

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Anker Best Price Malaysia : Can you be cheaper?

As stated above, Anker prices are controlled in Malaysia. Which is a good thing as all dealers will have to compete in terms of value instead of price throwing. However, if you are buying 10 pieces of the same unit at the same time, or even better, have a corporate deal in which you want the best Power Bank in Malaysia, Singapore and some say Indonesia, to be included, drop us a message.

Large orders like 500 units and above are not uncommon. But we will need time to get you the best price for your corporate deal. Whether it is the Anker power bank, Anker wall charger, Anker car charger, Anker mouse or just plain Anker products, corporate deals gets a special price with us.


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If you are looking for the best priced Anker product in Malaysia, look no further than TechGarage. We ensure you get official Anker products with the famed 18 months warranty. Our products are not used, recycled, copied, fake and whatsoever.

If you find a cheaper Anker product in Malaysia, drop us a message and we will see what we can do. This only applies to official dealers of Anker and not third party ones. Also, the best prices does not include things like coupon codes, year end sale, bundles and shipping charges, as every dealer might have a different rate to that.



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