5 iPhone 5 cases you’ll love

Tired of the bad quality iPhone 5 cases you see around Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya and various parts of Klang Valley, what more other parts of Malaysia? After spending quite a fair bit on your iPhone 5, would you purchase a cheap, plasticky iPhone 5 case that feels either like a rough piece of brushed metal or some flimsy plastic cover that would shatter at any moment of pressure or just a slight drop?

Hold your breath no further as we introduce some of the top iPhone cases we love personally.

The Nominees for iPhone 5/iPhone 5s case

1) Case-Mate Artistry Woods


with a touch of elegance, your Case-Mate Artistry won’t look out of place in work nor in a holiday resort.

2) Miniot book


Continuing on our love for wood, we would recommend Miniot’s book. Many times classier than those you find on the Pasar Malam and those phone shops. Plus, it makes a good talking point too.

3) Moleskin mod


Tired of mediocre book cases for your iPhone? How about actually getting a book and making it into your cover? Or making your phone into an e-reader?

4) Manfrotto KLYP

manfrotto klypmanfrotto klyp2

It’s not out for iPhone 5 yet as of May 2013. Only for iPhone 4/4s as of now. But boy, KLYP is Manfrotto Group’s first foray into the growing world of iPhoneography, and as the leading brand in the field of imaging, their iPhone cases are well thought of and would definitely be on my iPhone 5.

5) Holga Filter iPhone 5 Case


Here’s another interesting case. Holga has been around the photo industry for sometime. Based in Hong Kong, they’ve worked on fun film cameras, and have released a very interesting iPhone case. Check out the Holga.

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