The 2nd Gen Anker Astro Pro enters TechGarage

If you have waited for a world-class, high-capacity power bank for your devices, wait no further. The 2nd Generation Anker Astro Pro 15000mAh now enters TechGarage.

Unlike other power banks available in the market, the Anker Astro Pro comes with genuine 15000mAh, instead of touting itself as 50000mAh, and then being unable to deliver. Being made by Anker, who are founded by ex-Google staff, you can be assured of the quality of Anker Power Banks. We even recently wrote on why Anker Power Banks are the best Power Banks you can buy in Malaysia, if not the world.

Anker Astro Pro 15k 3

Anker Astro Pro means Great Charges

Being sized slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Anker Astro Pro 15000mAh is easy to carry around due to its thin profile and promises to charge your iPhone 5s and below up to seven plus times! Now, this only applies to brand new units, not the ones which has been charged and discharged umpteen times, as it weakens the battery capacity.

In the same way, you may try this with competing Power Banks in the market. Perhaps only a handful will fulfil what they claim. And even then, not many comes close with the amount of reviews and endorsements Anker 2nd Gen Astro 15000mAh Portable Charger (or better known as Power Bank here in Malaysia) gets.

Anker Astro Pro 15k 1

Anker Astro Pro means Speedy Charging

Also, with an industry leading 4.5 Amps among 3 smart ports, which would auto detect and send out the appropriate amperes to your device, the Anker Astro Pro series promises a fast charge. I have personally volunteered to charge phones of friends on my Anker Astro3, not to promote the brand, but as I had surplus charge for the night. And yes, many have said that the Anker Astro3 charges blazingly fast. Now, the Astro Pro charges faster.

Charging speed sometimes are essential, especially if you need your smart phone, GoPro, Tablet or other devices as soon as possible. With slow charging speed, you might be immobile for awhile while waiting for it to be fully charged.

Also, with the included AC/DC adapter, you would be able to charge your Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro 15000mAh (or 20000mAh) faster than models using your iPhone / Android adapter.

Should you get an Anker 2nd Generation Astro Pro?

If you need to charge multiple devices on the go, fast and then charge up your power bank in a short period, you might want to consider the Anker Astro Pro. Unlike normal Power Banks / External Batteries, and even the normal Anker Astro series, which takes a bit to charge, the Anker Astro Pro charges in just 4 to 5 hours. In comparison, the Anker Astro3 with only 12000mAh takes about 8-9 hours to charge via the iPhone’s socket.

If you are planning to get an Anker 2nd Generation Astro Pro 15000mAh, you may buy them from TechGarage. We are recognised as an official Anker dealer for Malaysia 🙂

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