FStoppers reviews the Pocketwizard Nikon FlexTT5, Mini TT1 and AC3

Learning to use your PocketWizard? Or are you new to the wireless trigger thingy and wonder, “Hmm, why should I pay so much for a PocketWizard system?”  Fstoppers, the insanely informative video site for creative professionals, reviews the PW, demonstrating it’s capabilities, while teaching us a few tricks along the way. Video after the break

Remarkable Engineering: Review on Markins Ballhead M-10

Introduction: Having a ball head dramatically changed the speed and ease of my photography. I was rather stifled by the traditional 3-way pan-and-tilt heads. With the pan-and-tilt head, one had three separate knobs/handles to move in order to get a setup in the right position. With the ball head, there’s just one knob to loosen… Continue reading Remarkable Engineering: Review on Markins Ballhead M-10

Fuji X100 previewed

We recently got our hands on a Fuji X100 for personal use. It was a long wait, as we knew about the camera even before it’s launch and were already bowled over by it’s good retro looks and it’s 23mm f2 prime.

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Double Exposure at Louis Vuitton

The contemporary meets the avant garde for Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign Louis Vuitton is renowned for supporting traditional craftsmanship with their leather goods, as well as embracing the avant garde and modernity, so it’s no surprise that they are championing one of the oldest forms of photography in their recent digital film project: Double Exposure.

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Kelly Moore Is On The Papers!

We’re famous!…..Well, almost. If you haven’t already know, recently, the Kelly Moore bags we carry has been featured on The Star newspaper!

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