Camera Bags Guide: Choices and Decisions!

Looking at more camera bags guide? So, this post isn’t about camera backpacks (refer to previous post), but about some ways to be sneaky when carrying your DSLR instead. Still using camera bags, of course. This is merely assuming that camera backpacks aren’t as subtle as you want them to be, and you don’t want to attract attention to yourself with a bag that says, “I have a DSLR camera in me”. *snicker


(That’s not me; just an exaggerated imagination.)

Background story

Bags of any kind are true items coming in the way for me. Somehow, I dislike carrying things like bags around; flexibility and mobility reduce by a few notches. Ideally, our wallet, keys, water bottle (drinking much water is good for health!), more keys and whatever essentials – should all be in compact sizes and kept in pockets of our clothing.

Unfortunately, a DSLR clearly isn’t compact. They have entirely different names for a reason.

(Digital Single Lens Reflect Camera vs. Compact Camera)

Yet, I finally could not help but get a DSLR camera after thinking through the pros and cons thoroughly.

The Camera Bags Guide

Purchase and Protect: use camera bags or camera cases

My brand new DSLR came with a camera bag (woohoo!) which was huge, bulky and square (boohoo…). Thankfully, the dividers in the bag were detachable.

Out they went into whichever bag I chose to carry when I take my camera out with me. They serve as protectors for the camera while it is kept in any type of bag which would usually lack sufficient padding as protection for the camera.

The little problem with these paddings is that it can still take up unnecessary space, as most bags I own aren’t very big to start off with.

So, guess what caught my eye just the other day!

Say hello to the LensCoat BodyBag® Compact!

(LensCoat BodyBag® Compact)

The BodyBag® Compact itself fits a DSLR camera without the optional body grip affixed. This case would fit a camera about the size of 5″w x3.75″h x 2″d.

I like how these camera cases are tailored specifically for the DSLR shape and size without additional spaces and frills (the padding I exported from my complimentary camera bag can only form rectangular boxed shapes). Good for a beginner, surely.

Also, there shouldn’t be too much extra space within the place where you store your camera to avoid any movement or unwanted knocks and nudges.

Its sibling is called the LensCoat BodyBag®Pro which is fitting for cameras approximately 6.25″w x6.5″h x 3″d in size, allowing a camera with the optional body grip into it.

(LensCoat BodyBag®Pro)

The next sibling is the LensCoat BodyBag®Pro Telephoto (approximately 6″w x4.5″h x 8.25″d).

All of these camera cases come in Black, Digital Camo, Forest Green, Realtree Max4 HD, and Realtree AP Snow.

(BodyBag®Pro Telephoto in different skins)

Actually, the most important thing that attracted me was its material: neoprene.

To find out for myself further, I checked various webpages and found that it is:

-          Synthetic rubber

-          Resistant to oil, water, fire and aging (i.e. from degradation due to weather)

-          Resistance to flexing and twisting

-          Used in wet suits and diving suits

While the different types of neoprene – depending on how it is made – could resist those elements at different degrees, I doubt a regular DSLR user would put their cameras directly under such extreme environments!

Finally, it is shock-absorbing and prevents dusts or moisture from entering these camera cases.

So, it feels very safe and secure. Plus, it would fit into smaller bags of practically any shape! 🙂

What’s this?

Just when I thought I’ve found the perfect fit, I stumbled across one of Kelly Moore’s camera bags while browsing the web!

(Muted Teal, Grey, Raspberry)

This is the Kelly Moore Posey 2 camera bag, named after Moore’s daughter. These camera bags come in Orange Sherbet, Muted Teal, Grey, Black, Mustard and Raspberry (why does it have names that makes my mouth water?).

My curiousity led me into watching this video which really sparked my interest in what this bag has to offer:

(Please click: Posey video. Sorry, unable to embed the video in here at the moment.)

It is SLIM and fits a DSLR camera + one extra lens (or my water bottle, or both!).

Top view: fitting a tag, phone, wallet, camera, quick snack and a water bottle (important!)

It has sufficient compartments to fit various essentials. When watching the video and listening to her description and show-and-tell, it seemed like your wallet could be dissected and reshaped to fit everything into this bag! If that makes sense… Or scroll back up to one of the images above.

It has detachable and adjustable dividers, and the bag is made out of water resistant material.

It can be a sling bag or just a hand-carry type of bag. A clutch, as it is called.

With this, there is of course no need for extra padding as Kelly Moore bags are actual camera bags with enough protection, and just some added style.


Well, I haven’t made my purchase yet (i.e. still undecided). Perhaps I could buy the LensCoat BodyBag Compact camera case and put the Kelly Moore Posey 2 camera bag at the top of my Christmas Wishlist!

Oh, this happy season.

YOU could check out the TechGarage store for these and other things to get for your loved ones and your wishlist, too!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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